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HOLDING & T DOO is a leader in pool design and construction, sales of pool equipment, and waterproofing in a region of Balkan and Europe. Our friendly staff is always at your disposal and ready to offer you a bit of advice, free of charge, when it comes to building a swimming pool.

Also, we can give you advice regarding the equipment. A well-designed and built pool will provide you with plenty of years to enjoy its benefits, especially on hot summer days.

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How to start a

pool building process

To start a building process, the first thing you need to do is make an appointment with HOLDING & T DOO team at your residence or a place where you want to build a swimming pool.

We will then perform the first review of the location to see the type of terrain and make some suggestions.

We name this the initial meeting to determine the necessary things regarding the dimensions and type of swimming pool. We will also ask you some questions about the materials and equipment you want to install in the swimming pool.

After getting some ideas about the project, we can present an initial offer to the client, with characteristics that the client chooses. if a client decides to accept our offer, we establish 24/7 communication with him, and we make the following decisions together.

Backyard Decoration

and fountain construction

If you want to decorate the backyard, square, or entrance in front of a business building with a beautiful fountain, HOLDING & T DOO is here for you. In addition to design and construction, we offer maintenance services, fountain repairs, and the creation of an ideal environment for your yard.

Have a conversation with our team and arrange all the smallest details when it comes to your fountain.


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Our team of experts is here to guide you through a complex road of design and construction.

All work on your project will be done according to the schedule. There will be no delay in construction unless they are caused by Majeure force.

When we build pools and fountains, we use only quality and long-lasting materials whose reliability is unquestionable and tested for many years in our previous projects.

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The process of building a

pool and fountain

Due to the great interest and frequent questions of our clients, we have added a video. Here you can see the part of the process of building a swimming pool and fountain, and landscaping for one of our VIP clients.The project was completed in less than two months to mutual satisfaction.